Why use a Makeup Artist for your Wedding?

Why use a Makeup Artist for your Wedding?

You may find yourself or bridesmaids thinking this very question on the journey leading to your wedding day.  If you do your own make-up every day or for a special occasion, why do you need to pay someone else to do it for your wedding day?

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Although Mille Mackintosh,  initially planned to do her own wedding makeup, she’s now confessed to calling in fashion makeup guru Naoko Scintu to ensure she looked her best on the big day.
Opting for a natural look, Millie went for a flawless base and radiant boosting foundation, lots of highlighting along the cheekbones, and peachy blush on her cheeks.
Keeping her eyes understated, Millie went for a soft champagne palette and black mascara to add definition, while choosing a rosy pink for her lips. 
One thing that every bride has in common on their wedding day is that they want to look like themselves at their absolute best, as all eyes will be on them.
There are a few reasons why having your make-up applied by a professional on your wedding day should be high on your list!

Making it last
Your wedding makeup needs to last all day and well into the evening.  The last thing you want to do is touch up your eye shadow or foundation during the day; you just won’t have the time!
As a makeup artist we know all the tips and techniques to set the makeup so it will not move.

Did you know the flash from a camera reduces how the makeup looks dramatically.  What you thought was a natural look changes into a no makeup at all look.  As a makeup artist I know how much to apply and using specialised make up which has enough pigment in to show up in photos.

Looking your absolute best
Many of us get stuck in a rut when it comes to makeup and use the same colours, products and techniques every time we do out makeup.
A professional make-up artist will look at you with a fresh, artistic eye and knows what colours and techniques are needed to enhance your best features.  Make-up artists are trained to look at your face shape, feature proportions and are also skilled in camouflage or other techniques to minimize flaws.

Wedding Theme
At your trial I will ask about your own make-up style and create a look that ties in with that, enhancing it with some new ideas.   You still want to look like you on your wedding day,  just a more stunning, radiant, polished version.   Having a trial is important so you can try out different looks and be totally confident in how you’re going to look on your special day.

Minimising stress
The morning of your wedding can be a rather stressful time, with everyone buzzing around and asking questions! Another reason for choosing to have a make-up artist is to take the  pressure off you so you can relax and have someone take care of everything.
As a professional make-up artist I am used to working to a schedule to ensure that the Bride and Bridal party are make up in plenty of time and allowing time for any final touch up’s.